To better serve our customers with the “one stop gun shop” approach, Stumpies Custom Guns provides gunsmithing services in addition to our retail and manufacturing services. We offer many different services to meet the needs of our customers. Our Master Gunsmith owned his own gunsmithing business in Juneau, Alaska for 15 years. Our machinist was trained at Kettering University with experience machining everything from jet engine parts to surgical saws and drills. Stumpies even has a finishing department where KG Gun Kote and Parkerizing finishes are applied. The Firearm Refinishing Specialist is experienced and talented with an HVLP sprayer starting in auto body refinishing before transitioning into firearms.

If you are interested in having your firearm worked on we are happy to assist you. If you are local, simply stop by the shop and drop your firearm off. If you need to ship your firearm, please click here and fill out “Repair Form” to include in the package. Once we have completed your firearm we will contact you to arrange return shipping. According to the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide, “A person not otherwise prohibited by Federal, State or local law may ship a firearm to a licensed dealer for any lawful purpose (gunsmithing)... The licensed dealer may return to that person the firearm or replacement firearm of the same kind and type.” Reference 27 CFR Part [478.147, and 478.124(a)].