Stumpies Custom Guns is Eastern North Carolina's only one stop shop for all your Gun customization needs.  We offer a variety of services that range from gun cleaning to full custom builds and everything in between.  We are the only facility in the area that can accommodate everything you need to have done 100% in house.  

So where did Stumpies start?  It all started with two EOD Veterans and their love of guns.  Brad Lang and Johnny Morris. Both served in the USMC and were wounded in combat.  Between both of them, they had one leg...hence the name Stumpies.  With the help of friends and family, they moved there operation from their backyard to a storefront in Swansboro, NC.   Fast forward just about five years.  It was time to pass the torch. A retired USMC Scout Sniper and his wife, Lee and Sara Wadsworth, purchased the business in the hopes of taking Stumpies to the next level.  The staff stayed on under the new ownership and since the takeover, we have added three other employees.  Stumpies Custom Guns has been and will continue to be a Veteran Owned and operated business.  

What can we do? Just about anything.  Not only do we do your everyday gunsmithing jobs, we've built precision rifles for Law Enforcement agencies and competition firearms for the beginner up to the professional. One of our latest customers with a Rifle Chambered by SCG placed Third in the 2019 USASOC Sniper Competition.  We also have our own line of 1911's, Bolt Guns and AR-15's.