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REM, 357MAG, 180G, SJHP, HTP

REM, 357MAG, 180G, SJHP, HTP

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Part Number:0047700426402

Brand: Remington RTP357M10
Item: 8-REM-RTP357M10
UPC: 047700426402

Remington High Terminal Performance rounds are designed to an ultra reliable personal protection load for either concealed carry or home defense. HTP loads are constructed from premium primers, brass cases and quality propellants with a wide variety of bullet designs. Remington HTP provides you with the confidence and stopping power you need what it matters the most in those critical moments.

Now is no time to compromise. Combining premium primers, brass cases and propellants with a wide assortment of bullet designs, Remington HTP gives you the confidence and instant-stopping power you need for when it matters most. Available in all major defense calibers, in standard and many +P loadings. Always be prepared with Remington HTP.

1145 fps at muzzle
524 ft/lbs at muzzle

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