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HOR, 270, 130 GR, IL, AM-WT

HOR, 270, 130 GR, IL, AM-WT

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Brand: Hornady 8053
Item: 2-H8053
UPC: 090255380538

Hornady's American Whitetail Ammunition is crafted specifically to provide the very best possible performance for hunting whitetail deer. Available in all popular deer hunting calibers, this is the perfect ammunition for you! Opening day of deer season comes only once a year. Make sure you're ready when the big one steps out and load-up with Hornady American Whitetail ammunition.

Hornady InterLock bullets lock the core and jacket together with a copper ring inside of the bullet, to physically ensure core retention, and maximize energy transfer to the target. The soft point bullets have an exposed lead tip and a broader point diameter that provides rapid, controlled expansion at somewhat lower velocities.

3060 fps at muzzle
2825 fps at 100 yards
2603 fps at 200 yards
2391 fps at 300 yards
2188 fps at 400 yards
1996 fps at 500 yards
2702 ft/lbs. energy muzzle
2304 ft/lbs. at 100 yards
1955 ft/lbs. at 200 yards
1649 ft/lbs. at 300 yards
1382 ft/lbs. at 400 yards
1183 ft/lbs. at 500 yards
Uses: Deer, Medium Game

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